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04 June 2012 @ 07:22 am
Hey Say JUMP's new album Jump world is leaking or it's already out for those who reserved them?? *don't really understand* lol lol ^^
by the way i've done listening to it and rather than the already succed single i craved for 7's song uta utau XDD
it's fun to hear their dialogye in the middle of the song XDD and the lyrics?? two words and all done yey ^^ i can't get it out from my head gyaa gyaa hey say 7!!
"ore wa nakajima yuto, yamada ryosuke tooo~~ chine yuri... ore keito!! ore keito!! ore keito, ore wo chigau!!" *ROFL* XDD you!! ryutaro!! go studied and graduate faster!! ^^
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05 May 2012 @ 12:10 am
i've been playing the sims 3 lately,, and honestly become severe addicted to it (>~<)

My eyes become dry, my back and shoulders hurts, and worst i can't feel my butt (T.T)

The sims 3 is such a dangerous game for a kid like me,, i even forget to do my homework that supposed to be sent to my teacher this night, my hearts crying right now (TwT)

And i promise my mom to go sleep early, yet i keep playing until midnight huwaaa (TwT)o tasuketeee~~~~
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03 May 2012 @ 12:24 am

Watching my old video and suddenly have this urge to see ryutaro and shintaro play together.. #sigh I have to get over this, but what can i do? This is unintentional and i feel happy for him, being an ordinary boy, play here and there,, i hope there still some papa pics, and i know he's alive,, baka ryu <3

13 April 2012 @ 07:04 pm
so i watched yesterday SC,, i don't remember what date when i realize that Kishi Yuta has same age as Ryutaro,, and suddenly i have this urge to tell Jhonny-san,,
Jhonny-san,, pleaseeee~~ when Ryutaro return later, let them form a new group,, i don't care about the singing part,, i care about the dance part XDD
Please just please,, and i'll wish you health forever XD
it'll be Ryuu, Kishii, Fuu, who else?? Myuto?? Kadoi Kento too~~ oowwwhhh XDDD

and congratz to Shori for your new class in Horikoshi~~ \(^___^)/ i'm proud of you and in the same time i wonder why you look younger that Shintaro who born in 1997... Shin,, be careful LoL
takaki new drama,, can't wait!! o(>___<)o
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05 April 2012 @ 11:08 pm
hamster boy birthday~~~~
but i have to sleep now *pout*
i'll make a proper birthday post tommorow,,
but for now
wish u all the best and, morimoto hayaku kaete yo!
chii is missing you~ ;-)
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31 March 2012 @ 02:22 am
Sore2 bangun tidur gak ada kerjaan,, akhirnya W nontonin DVD Summary 2011 HSJ~~
Lagu pertama Summary selalu paling asik bwd d dengerin,, Yabu ma Yuya kayak pangeran bule ganteng mampus,, Kei juga ganteng banget rambutnya hhihihihi XDD
Hikaru ma Keito kayak jendral,, Yamada ma Daiki kayak adek pangeran berdua yg diatas, Chii ma Yuto pangeran Jepun nyasar tapi ganteng ohohohohoho *batuk*
Terus abis sibuk hore hore,, jadi keinget klo Ryutaro ikutan juga dia bakal seganteng apa,, ichiban w,, huweeeeeee~~~ apalagi klo dy uda sadar diri terus potong rambut ala konser TenJUMP ohoooo ohhoooooo *mati meleleh* tapi sayangnya dia gak ikut.. sebel….
Jounetsu JUMP,, agak biasa aja sih,, w suka lagunya,, suka banget malah~~ tapi berhubung mereka masih kegantung2 di atas,, gbs ngedance jadi kesannya biasa aja..
Lagi w keinget Ryutaro dulu pas nyanyi dan ngedance lagu ini,, manis gilaaa~~ sebel lagi….
Liat OVER,, makin sebel lagi….. Ryuuuuuu~~ T___T untung ada Yuto ma Chii ma yg lain lhah yg bkin meleleh *anak2 BEST*
Yamada solo,, masyaoloooh,, ini anak dewasa sebelum umurnya hhihihi XDD *nosebleed*
Midnight Train jelas yg paling keren diantara yg lain,, JUMP BAND!!! Yeaaah~~~ suaranya takaki juga bagus~~ ooh ooooh oooooh Keito in spotlight,, I son’t have any problem here~ Cuma kesian aja liat Yuto tiap asepnya keluar dari kereta kedinginan kayaknya hahahahahha XDD
With You dari JJr,, gak ada Fuma  tapi ada Kishii Yuta,, kyaaaa kyaaaaaa~~ manisnyoooo~~~
Nemuri no Mori,, jadi inget dulu pernah ada rumor lagu ini bakalan jadi solonya Ryutaro di konser,, w suka lagu ini tapi inget Ryutaro jadi sebel hhuhuhu.. bayangin aja suaranya Ryu yg berat2 cempreng nyanyi ohooooooo~~ woooooooh~~~
YabuHika Daebak!! Dulu w gak suka Itoshii No Playgirl,, kirain samaan ma Uruwashi no Bad Girl ternyata beda *yaeyalah??* ternyata lagunya asik,, :D
Beat Line,, keren banget memang… tapi lagi2 sebel bagitu mikir gimana kerennya Ryutaro klo ikutan perform ini.. *sigh*
Be Alive,, w juga suka banget lagu ini,, tapi kq Ryuu gak ikut nyanyi?? Padahal bagian solo lumayan banyak… *double sigh*
Thank You bkin sebel maksimum… serius… w suka Chii tapi Ryutaro’s part…
Shinku… d tiap performance Shinku yg selalu w liat pertama pasti Ryutaro,, Yabu apa siapa gitu pernah bilang solo dance Ryutaro disini keren,, sayang uda gbs diliat lagi 
Karena w suka JUMP makanya w tetep bertahan nonton Summary ini,, sebel gara2 kegoblokan Ryuu,, sedih gara2 dy gbs ikut,, sedih soalnya tiap w liat jump w pasti keinget ryuu.. oon Ryuu OON!!!!!
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25 March 2012 @ 06:51 pm
so i want to talk to my sister when suddenly my father asked me about my weight, when i answer 55 kg,, he's like "you look fat you know,, do sports a little" huweeeee T___T
looking at my recent photo my face seems rounder and rounder,, oh ma gaaa~~
but i'm still eating noodle after that like nothing happen,, and i like this careless side of me :
53 kg! Ganbarimassu!!!! XDD

ps. i'm starting to eat with my left hand, becaus eleft handed person looks cool with everything they do~
but eating noodles using chopstick with left hand is hard...
*sigh* i think i'll start practicing eating using spoon with my left hand first :D

here's my recent round face pics.. gaaahhh~~
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23 March 2012 @ 07:41 am
just comeback from a school trip in Jakarta yesterday and i can barely feel my legs,, my neck,, or in short almoost all my body parts T___T
i should have take a shower and clean myself after i came home but no,, i just sleep all day from morning till noon.. what a failed girl i am.... *sigh*
oh aaaaand,, chicken satai in front of Mes DirJen Pendidikan Fatmawati is heavenly delicious~~ i'm forget to take the picture thought, but you can go there yourself and taste it XDD

i changed my wphone wallpaper with this pic before i go to sleep,, fangirl's power i think... LoLbut since i can't decide which one i have Ryuu for my lock page and Chii as my wally~~

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16 March 2012 @ 04:11 pm
regarding the title...
so i watched this movie about a princess and his buttler last night~~
at first it just hysterically with a useless butler and an overly innocent princess you'll never think that the film will turn out to be echi in the middle...
oh my poor heart.... i should have know when i read that Miyabi is one of the cast....
it's not porn since the scene is not explicit enough, but you know what? something covered will be more dangerous if you have imagination~~~ and i'm fully aware about this XDD
so after watching it, i go to sleep early since today i have early schedulle with my mentor..
i don't know why and when suddenly NakaKen pops up in my dream, naked..... and something pervert happen and now i think i couldn’t look at him with a straight face ever again..
it just i dont even like Nakaken in the first place, i prefer Fuma or just anyone with my age a.k.a BEST. maybe because his face is notto japanese for me or i'm just being over perverted last night (>///<) oh my i feel like a Pedo right now....

this guy.... -->
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07 March 2012 @ 11:46 am
happy birthday for meeeeeeh~~
and happy birthday too for you Kikuchi Fuma,, hhihihi XD
i'll be 22 this year and you are still in your teens but still you are my dear otouto :*
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