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15 October 2012 @ 05:24 pm
Princess Miu Miu Green Review  
hello everyone,, it's my first time reviewing about contact lenses~~~~
just because i can't find the review for this lenses everywhere and yet i still bought it and try it myself \(≧o≦)/
i've got this lens from @softlensboutique in twitter~~ ^^

so this is Princess Miu2 Lens looks like~
it almost looks like blue but trust me it's purely green with a little brush of brown and gave a little turqoise effect~~ beautiful~~ (*^▽^*)

since it has 14,8 diameter so it looks big, but because there's no limbal ring it doesnt give you those dolly eyes, so for you who tend to those effect skip this~
for me i like this natural side lol ː̗(^▽^)ː̖
indoor without flash
under natural light

for the comfort, ahh i'm forget to mention that princess miu miu is a silicone hydrogel lens,,
"Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are an advanced type of soft lens that allow more oxygen to pass through the lens to the cornea than regular soft lenses. In fact, silicone hydrogel lenses enable up to five times more oxygen to reach the cornea than regular soft contact lenses."
so it has a good oxygen circulation to the eyes~~
that's a good part for those who like to wear lens for almost a day like me~~ ː̗(^▽^)ː̖
but be careful that silicone hydrogel lens needs special solutions and the ones i know is ciba solo care aqua ^^

i like the colour that looks natural yet still very groovy in my dark eyes~~

thank you for reading~~ ^^