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12 September 2012 @ 10:05 pm
okay so i went to an according to the brochure aesthetic center to get my regular facial,, i don't have any money for the last three months so i get a lot of comedos and pimples build in my face.. :(
and it hurts like hell,, i keep screaming and yelling dirty words in my mind,, and keep still while the capster pop them from my face.. and after that i still had to wait for the bus to go home for nearly 2 hours, my poor face.. :(

but like they said,, there's morning after night and there's rainbow after heavy rain that suddenly i've got some member card for free, when usually you have to pay for around 5 dollars to become the member ^^
now i can get some discount whenever i go there~~~ ^^

on the other side,, i burst out laughing my whenever i see taipi with his long lion hair XD
i used to hair his hair, but thanks God or thanks the ikemen desu ne producer?? XDD tha he's got this new hair XDD
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