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21 August 2012 @ 05:38 pm
insomnia?? :(  
so after night after night my insomnia is getting worse,, is that japanesse thing causing my insomnia? nope lol XD
i usually go to bed at midnight and then wake up around two hours after those deep sleep phase.. i know it's not insomnia if you can sleep then wake but it never happen to me before~~~ :(
i'm start to think about weird things like, what should i buy in the japan convenient store, what should i write to my friend that will go to japan, what should i do about my study and something like that, all of those crazy little thing that not important at all (T_T)
and strangely after 30 minutes or so, my mind suddenly went blank and i can sleep well again... is it because of the naps i took in this holiday?? i don't know... i'm not take a nap today so let's see what happen tonight XDD

so i mention about 'what should i buy' and voila i have a haul today ^^
1345554293371_resize and two yakimochi~~~

about the taste,, i'll post about it later ^^
now let me mourn for my wallet that keep shrinking (T____T)
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